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Berry White Rso by Skagit Organics - THC

Gram $24.00 THC: 56.37%
CBD: 0.38%

Berry White is a hybrid cannabis strain bred from Blueberry and White Widow. It is known for its balanced, upbeat effects.

Berry White is a hybrid strain that is the offspring of parents of near-celebrity status in the cannabis world: Blueberry and White Widow. Berry is famous in its own right for its even, balanced effects that offer relaxation from stress and anxiety along with a sense of euphoria. This strain is perfect for inspiring an upbeat mood and may lead to conversation and creative pursuits. This plant’s flowers have a light sour berry and pine smell and a fresh taste similar to their scent. They generally have a strong blue coloring contrasted by orange hairs.

Category : Concentrate
THC : 56.37%
CBD : 0.38%

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